UnoDose Metered-Dose
Topical Applicator


A variety of advanced design innovations makes the UnoDose Applicator extremely easy to use, store and know when to reorder.

Patient Benefits:

  • Allows cream application without hand contact
  • Multiple exit holes for uniform topical application
  • Audible, tactile and visual metered dose indicators for accurate dosing
  • Locking cover secures against accidental spills
  • Clearly visible reorder indicator

Using the UnoDose Applicator

1. Remove the protective cover with a light counterclockwise twist and pull while holding the barrel.

2. Turn the dosing knob in the direction marked for the number of prescribed clicks.

Be sure to
leave the knob
in a “lock”
position, and
not between
click positions.

3. Confirm that cream has exited the holes of the applicator cap.

4. Apply the cream to the skin absorption site.

Rub with the applicator cap until the cream is evenly spread (per physican or pharmacist direction).

Replace the protective cover with a light push and clockwise turn. You will hear and feel a click.

5. Check the scale at the blue line for the number of clicks remaining.

Refill your prescription as instructed by your pharmacy.

Helpful Tips

  • Store in a dry place at room temperature.
  • Avoid direct or prolonged exposure to sunlight and other bright lights.
  • When traveling in an airplane or traveling to a different elevation, place the applicator in a sealable bag to prevent leakage due to air pressure changes.

Need to get in Touch?

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