UnoDose Metered-Dose
Topical Applicator


An Optimized Experience for Pharmacists, Compounders and Patients.

From top to bottom and inside out, the UnoDose Metered-Dose Topical Applicator is designed to enhance provider efficiency and patient ease of use—all while keeping costs competitive. The end result is an improved bottom line for pharmacy businesses of all sizes.

Time and Labor Savings

This is the industry’s first metered-dose applicator that doubles as a compounding container, eliminating preparation steps. Combined with fast priming, pharmacists can fill more prescriptions in less time, saving labor. These cost savings alone can result in a full return on investment.

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The UnoDose Applicator features excellent dispensing accuracy dose after dose, improving patient value and confidence. This precision extends to providers with a design that minimizes wasted medication during mixing and filling.

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High Patient Satisfaction

Efficient filling and faster turnarounds enhance service, while giving pharmacy teams more time in their schedules to spend with patients. Hands-free medication application is also easy for the end-user, supported by features such as a lock-on cover and a clearly visible reorder line. All of which creates superior patient experiences.


Best Total Value

By saving time and money while simplifying life for providers and patients, the UnoDose Applicator can improve the bottom line for pharmacy businesses large and small.




  • In-container machine compounding, no transfer required
  • Multiple exit holes for reliable priming
  • Fast prime feature quickly removes air with no repetitive motion, saving time
  • Open, screw-free chamber for easy filling
  • Disposable mixing paddles for fast cleanup


  • Allows cream application without hand contact
  • Multiple exit holes for uniform topical application
  • Audible, tactile and visual metered dose indicators for accurate dosing
  • Locking cover secures against accidental spills
  • Clearly visible reorder indicator


  • Dose size: 0.25 milliters* per quarter turn (click) of dosing cap
  • Maximum usable volume: 42 milliliters
  • Residual volume: 1.5 milliliters
  • Dimensions: 4.23” x 1.87”
  • Medicament contacting materials: polyolefins free of phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)
  • UV protection: UV-inhibiting materials used for the medicament container
  • Registered as an FDA Class I medical device
  • Patent pending

* Independent accuracy study data available upon request from Reflex Medical, Inc.


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